Metro Market Trends (MMT)

Thousands of real estate professionals regularly use MMTinfo products to track the latest trends and provide their clients with the most up-to-date and accurate real estate information.


Since 1990, Metro Market Trends has been a leading provider of real estate sales, tracking, market share reporting and analysis information for Florida and South Alabama. MMTinfo products and custom services include accurate and up-to-date information on all real estate sales including listed and unlisted property.  Mailing labels and lists can be generated from the data and used to market prospective customers such as new home buyers, lot buyers or parcel owners.  The information tracked by Metro Market Trends, includes sales and foreclosure data on new and existing condos, single family homes, construction loans, lots and land, non-residential land and commercial real estate.  As well, market-share trend reports are available for lenders, closing agents, builders and real estate.  Deeds, mortgages, tax roll data and parcel maps are also available from Metro Market Trends.  The accurate, current and reliable information provided by Metro Market Trends can be used by appraisers and realtors to generate comparables and CMAs.


In addition to products, Metro Market Trends offers custom services such as unique data searches including parcel and property data for Class Action Administration and Law Firms. As well as economic and demographic analysis and market research.


The experienced staff have completed numerous studies targeted toward measuring and ultimately enhancing economic conditions in numerous local market areas and have focused on a variety of industries. Consulting projects include economic analysis to assess visitor travel and expenditure patterns, the associated economic impact and the market factors influencing these travel patterns.

These products enable you to keep in touch with homeowners including those not actually living in the house. These are valuable data mining products as well.

RealtyWEB.Net members currently use a customized version of the MMT's SearchNet in their MLS system.  To view the difference between the basic version of the tax search and the full power of SearchNet, click here.


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